Photovoltaic installations for individual clients

What are the advantages?

Savings and independence

Thanks to photovoltaic installation you can reduce your electricity bills by almost 100%. In a long-term view, this ensures electric independence. Constantly increasing electricty prices won’t matter anymore!

Full return on investment

Our clients’ experience shows that the amount of money they save due to solar energy exceeds their installation’s price after just 6 years of usage. Later on? It’s pure profit.

Refunds and installment plans

Currently, in the government’s offer for individual clients you can find 5000 PLN refund from the “My Electricity” programme and a tax credit – 17% or 32%. In addition, if it feels more comfortable, you have an option to opt for a low-interest installment plan. Formalities? Leave it to our advisors.

Warranty and service

We have a professional service at our disposal. We guarantee a 25 year warranty on efficient operation of your installation to make sure that you will be glad of your investment. Highest quality of components and our attention to safety will let you rest easy.

Environmental protection

Switching to renewable energy sources in a household is a responsible decision and an important step towards environmental protection.


200 installers

45 vans

20 specialists in our office

We are a company that has been operating on the photovoltaic market continuously since 2006. Initially, as a sole entrepreneurship, later on as a large team of highly qualified specialists ready to work all across the country.

We ensure that the warranty will be kept. We have enhanced hundreds of roofs with solar energy – we know exactly which solutions work best, not only on paper. When deciding to invest in photovoltaics, choose professionalism and experience.

Reliable components

For our installations, we use components from first-class producers that for years have been taking the lead in terms of reliability and efficiency.



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