Installation assembly

Professional assembly, A to Z.


Over 200 qualified and experienced installers from our team can be delegated to assembly your installation. In our fleet, there are 45 vans, each one equipped with a full set of professional tools, all ready to get us to any construction site across Europe. You will find a full range of our services below.

Core services

  1. Installation of a structure on a roof or on the ground
  2. Installation of modules
  3. Wiring with cable trays
  4. Installation of inverters and safeguards

Complementary services

  1. Auditing a roof or ground surface
  2. Excavator services
  3. Paving the access road
  4. Piling
  5. Gutter assembly
  6. Construction of fences
  7. Installation of monitoring systems

Quality guaranteed

As an experienced company, we know what is important to our clients. Qualified staff and appropriate procedures ensure the highest quality and efficiency of our work. We take care of every detail of work organization. At the construction site, we form complete teams (including supervisors) and we provide them with all necessities: appropriate workwear, tools, transport, and accommodation.

If you are interested in cooperation, feel welcome to contact us via form below or contact directly our CEO Adam Hłond at Linkedin.

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