Commercial EV charging stations

Charging stations for your clients


Charging stations are not only a convenience for drivers. A charger in the company’s parking lot generates real benefits for the business. Your facility will be more visible for the dynamically growing group of consumers. It will be added to the charger maps (Google, Plugshare, etc.), which will not only result in a positive image of the company, but also in an increase in the number of customers, and additional revenues from the charging service.

Charging stations for a fleet


Each fleet of vehicles has different characteristics. Therefore, with each client, we calculate the energy demand for the routes covered by his fleet and select the type of station (AC / DC). Then we match the type of sockets suitable for cars and the number of stations your company actually needs.


Stations for developers and settlements


More and more people looking for places to live take the access to modern charging infrastructure into account. Increase the attractiveness of your real estate simultaneously meeting the conditions of the new European Union directive.

We offer a vast range of AC and DC devices manufactured by leading European manufacturers – Circontrol (on the market since 1997) and DBT (1992).

Our role does not end with selling devices. Our team of qualified installers deals with providing infrastructure, as well as assembling and servicing the station. In each case, we complete all necessary documents, notifications or tests at the UDT. In addition, we can include your stations in our <a href=””>Revnet</a> charging network and provide charging services.

If you are interested in seeing a variety of our devices or in choosing the right solution for your company, feel free to contact our consultant.


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