Home electric car charging stations

Care for the environment goes hand in hand with comfort


Most electric vehicles are charged at home. This is a rational and comfortable option, as charging your car in a place where you spend most of your time is hassle-free and does not require additional time your car gains energy while you sleep.



Vast range of AC and DC solutions


Always caring about quality, we opt for charging stations from reputable European producers – Circontrol (on the market since 1997) and DBT (1992).



If you are interested to see our entire offer of devices and choose the right one for your household, don’t hestitate to contact our consultant.

Photovoltaic installation and a wallbox station


Let us offer you a chance to save double. Are you interested in a comprehensive, non-polluting set of photovoltaic installation combined with a charging station? Let us know, and we will prepare a personal offer, just for you.

Take care of the environment by using the full potential of renewable energy in your home. Want to know more? Our consultants are at your service.



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